GSM Telephone Switch for Electric Gates GMT-RC01

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Control your automatic electric gates by telephone from almost anywhere with the GMT-RC01 remote control switch.

A simple telephone call (or a text message) can remotely operate an automatic electric gate system or switch an electrical device on or off - and that call is free. Any call from an authorised user's number is recognised by the GMT-RC01 Switch causing it to promptly drop the call and carry out its function. It can also send a confirmation signal that the command has been received and actioned if required.

The GMT-RC01 is supplied with an internal antenna; programming cable for computer connection and a CD-ROM - while the GMT-RC01EX is supplied with a cabled self-adhesive antenna with SMA connector for flexible mounting in more complex or difficult electric gate installations. Other antenna options are available.

Main Features
  • Single relay output
  • Relay operating time function (programmable)
  • GSM Signal strength indication
  • 5 Administrators
  • 200 Users
  • Free Programming Software for PC
  • Can also be Programmed by SMS
  • Model GMT-RC01EX is available with SMA type connector for external antenna
  • Dimensions 90 x 110 x 40mm
  • CE marked
  • ROHS compliant
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Superb build quality
  • 2 year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Power requirements:
12 volts DC, 200mA max
  • Recommended power supply:
WT-1201 (230VAC input, 12vdc, 1 amp output)
  • Standby consumption:
less than 50mA
  • GSM operating bands:
900/850/1800/1900 MHz
  • Number of outputs:
  • Output type:
Normally open (relay)
  • Relay output rating:
1A/24V DC; 0,5A/125V AC
  • Dimensions  
90mm x 110mm x 40mm
  • Weight
Model GMT-RC01 :  130gms
  Model GMT-RC01EX :  200gms
  • Antenna type:
Model GMT-RC01 :  Internal pcb mounted
  Model GMT-RC01EX :  Cabled external (included) with SMA connector
  • Operating temperature range:
-20oC to +55oC (-30oC to +55oC with limitations)
  • Enclosure IP rating:
  • Number of administrators:
  • Number of users: