High quality surface mount wired audio intercom from AES

  • Stylish curved architectural model.
  • Modern blue backlighting effect
  • BS316 marine grade brushed stainless steel construction with gloss acrylic trim.
  • Kit includes speech panel, handset, power supply and manual
    • Wired audio intercom system.
    • Simple install - 2 wires for communication, 2 for gate/door release, 2 for power.
    • Up to 4 handsets per system
    • A curved profile stylish handset
    • 150m typical cabled range using twisted pair cables.
    • Standard 12v dc powered system.

     Power 24v dc
     Working distance 150m on 24AWG CAT5 cable
     Weather rating IP55
     Wiring 2x audio, 2x power, 2x door release
     Max handsets 4
     Relay type N/O momentary 4 second pulse