Intercoms and Access Control

A range of intercoms and access control suitable for use with our kits for electric gates

Electric gates can be operated in various ways to best suit your needs. Some people choose to operate the automatic gates with just radio remote control but it is sometimes more convenient to use an intercom so that callers without remote controls can be granted access when required. Here you will find a range of wired and wireless audio and video intercom options to compliment your gate automatic gate installation.


aes gsm intercom with keypad

AES GSM Intercom With Keypad Cellcom Prime 6-ABK

daitem sc902au

Daitem Wireless Intercom with Keypad SC902AU


AES WIFI Predator2 Video Intercom with Keypad


AES SLIM-CL-ABK Wired Intercom with Keypad

daitem wireless intercom

Daitem Wireless Intercom SC901AU

daitem handset

Daitem Wireless Intercom Handset SC100AU


GSM Telephone Switch for Electric Gates GMT-RC01