This is a small selection of gate automation and electric gate installations using the automatic gate equipment featured on the site.

Electric gate equipment can be fitted to may types and styles of gates. It is important to choose the correct type of automation for the gate that you have when considering remote operation. The size and weight of the gates along with the type and dimensions of the posts should be taken in to consideration when choosing your electric gate kit. If you need any advice please feel free to contact us be telephone or email and we will be very happy to help.

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V2 Slim 12v Electric Gate Kit

Steel gates fitted with V2 Slim automation kit
The Slim 12v kit is a discreet and simple to fit electric gate unit. The system comes with amperometric object detection as standard for safety. All the usual accessories can be added as required, The kit includes two twelve volt gate rams, a mains powered control panel that can also operate from a 12 volt battery, brackets and two remote control transmitters.
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Underground Electric Gates

Steel gates with underground automation
Steel gates fitted with our underground electric gate motors. Some people prefer the apearance of the underground automation as the mechanisms are hidden below the ground rather than on the rear of the gates.
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Sliding Electric Gates

Sliding gate automated with V2 Gold electric gate motor

Timber sliding gate fitted with a V2 Gold electric sliding gate motor. The gate is sliding on a conventional floor mounted track and using a support post and mid rail to locate the gate upright. The track, support rail and wheels are available in our sliding electric gate accessories section

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Automated Farm Gate

V2 Blitz crank arm gate motor fitted to farm gate

The Blitz electric gate motor is mounted on the back of a standard farm gate and post. The Blitz gate motor can be fixed to much larger gate posts that sometimes create problems for rams because of the geometry required
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V2 electric gate rams

V2 Electric gate kit fitted to the base of a pair of gates
This illustrates the standard type electric gate motors mounted on the rear of a pair of swing gates. The electric rams in this case are mounted on the bottom of the gates. It is fine to mount the electric gate rams at the bottom, top or centre of the gates as long as they are mounted on a strong part of the gate and the cable is not dragging or snagging on anything

Tormatic Novo Swing

Novo Swing 24v Electric Gate operator fitted to timber gates
Detail of the fitting of the Novo Swing operator on a timber gate. A compact and stylish automatic gate ram system the Novo Swing meets all European safety standards when fitted in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.