Kit Blitz Articulated Arm for Single Gate

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Articulated arm kit for a single gate

Suitable for gates up to 2.5 Metres per leaf (more with a lock fitted)

The Blitz Kit is the most simple kit for DIY installation. Geometry is not as important as for kits using rams due to the positioning of the articulated arms being more flexible. Average DIY skills should result in a satisfactory installation It is recommended that an automatic electric gate lock is fitted on long gates. (see the "locks" section)

This kit consists of

1 x Blitz Motors - 1 x CITY7 Control Panel - 1 x Radio Control Receiver - 2 x Remote Transmitters - 1 x Internal Antenna - 1 x Pair Photo electric cells for safety

Catalogue and Instruction downloads for Blitz Single Electric Gate operator

Blitz Brochure

Blitz Instructions