AES DECT Wireless Intercom With Keypad

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AES DECT Wireless Intercom with access control keypad

Model: AES 603-ABK

Wireless DECT digital intercom systems are a great solution for home & business communication, compatible with all types of automated gates, garage and automated doors. With modern blue back lighting effect around the BS316 marine grade face plate.

Power Supply Voltage: 12v dc (adaptor included)

Working Range: 200 metres (up to 400 metres in field conditions)

Relay Outputs: 

Relay Type: N/O & N/C contacts (2A 24v AC Max)

Handset Capacity: 4 per system (1 included with kit)

Technology Type: 1.88Ghz DECT Digital Technology

  • Calls up to 3 numbers landline or mobile
  • Door release by phone
  • Door release by entering PIN code on codepad
  • Dial in free to open door or electric gate
  • Easy to install
  • Easy set up by text message
  • Curved modern stainless steel profile
  • LED backlit and LED button
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