AES GSM Intercom GSM- 4AB Cellcom Plus

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GSM Intercom and switch

The GSM-AB is an AES GSM intercom system with one call button to call up to three numbers, landline or mobile. AES architectural design GSM door entry. Door or Electric Gate release is from the phone keypad,
  • Calls up to 3 numbers landline or mobile
  • Door release by phone
  • Dial in free to open door or electric gate
  • Easy to install
  • Easy set up by text message
  • Curved modern stainless steel profile
  • LED backlit and LED button

    Model: AES GSM-4AB

    These AES GSM intercom systems are a great solution for home & business communication, compatible with all types of automated gates, garage and automated doors. When a visitor presses the call button the call comes straight to the phones of your choice using the GSM network (sim not provided), once you have spoken to the caller you can operate your gates or door with the touch of a button. The caller doesn't know if you are home or not. Another handy feature is the built in Caller ID switching which allows authorised numbers (authorised by you) to call the system and open the gates or door.

    Power Supply Voltage: 15v dc (adaptor included)

    Relay Outputs: 3 

    Relay Type: N/O & N/C contacts (2A 24v AC Max)

    Caller ID Capacity: 100 

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