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V2 Forteco 1200Kg Electric Sliding Gate Motor

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Sliding Gate Motor for Gates up to 1200KG

The heavy duty Forteco Sliding Electric Gate Motor - Irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor, available with 230V single-phase motors for sliding gates weighing 1200 kg to 2200 kg. Incorporates an advanced digital control board and used Magnetic limit switches for open / close points. Does not include rack, transmitters etc. Please order these seperately.


Built-in DIGITAL control unit (only for 230V and 120V single-phase models)
• Programming achieved using a wheel-switch and display
• Plug-in adapter for modular radio receiver MR1
• Start, pedestrian start and stop inputs
• Start, pedestrian start and stop transmitter controls
• Auxiliary channel management from transmitter
• 2 inputs for photocells with auto-test function
• 2 inputs for mechanical safety edges with auto-test function or conductive rubber safety edges
• Connector for opening and closing limit switch
• Encoder connector for controlling the travel of the gate
• 120V or 230V flashing light output (use flashing lights with intermittence)
• Courtesy light output
• Opening time self-learning function
• Self-learning obstacle detection function by current measurement
• Operational cycle counter, with programmable maintenance reminders
• Slow-down function in limit switch area to prevent noisy closure and rebounds
• Slow start function during opening (programmable starting ramp)
• Brake function with programmable power
• Start off control by inserting additional capacity
• Monitoring of input status using the display
• ADI connector for connecting CL1+ optional module


Sample Forteco sliding electric gate installation example including some optional accessories:

1 FORTECO actuator
2 Rack
3 Flashing light
4 Photocells
5 Key switch
6 Transmitter
7 Antenna
8 Pillar photocells

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The installation of safety edges on fixed parts or
moving leaves is essential in cases where a
comprehensive risk analysis of motorized doors
requires it