questions about automatic gates
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Frequently asked questions

 Q – Is it possible to automate any gate?
A –  We offer at large range of automation systems which means that you would be very unlucky to have gates which cannot be automated. We are always happy to advise on the most suitable system. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you require advice.

Q – What is the advantage of underground motors?
A – Underground motors are often preferred because the motors are hidden out of sight and don’t spoil the aesthetics of the gates, underground systems are slightly more expensive than gate mounted systems and the installation may take slightly longer.

Q – What do I do in the event of power failure?
A – All systems have some form of manual release in case of a power or system failure. Some systems allow battery back up and will continue to work for a period in the event of power outage.

Q – Can a large 5 bar farm gate be automated?
A – Yes, we have systems available to automate gates up to 5 meters per leaf including farm and agricultural style gates.

Q – I have gates fitted in the centre of brick pillars, can they be automated with above ground rams?
A –Maybe, the correct geometry would have to be attained. It is possible to mount the automation with gates between or on the rear of the posts. If you are unsure please contact us for expert advice. Articulated arm electric gate operators are available that can cope with gates hinged a large distance from the rear of the gate pillar.

Q – Is it OK to fit underground electric gate motors in wet locations?
A - The motors are sealed against water ingress. It is important however to provide adequate drainage.

Q – How easy are the gate automation systems to fit?
A – We would suggest that you read the instructions prior to purchase. If you are unsure of any issues we are happy to give pre sales technical advice. If you are unsure yourself then a qualified electrician should have no problems with the connections. We do offer a full technical back up service via our telephone help line.

Q – What safety features are included with the systems?
A – All the systems are supplied with a pair of infrared safety beams which will prevent the gates from closing on a person or vehicle when the beam is blocked. Additional safety sytems may be added such as extra additional safety photocells or safety edges. Many of our systems can be supplied with obstacle detection in the electric gate controller itself.

Q – Can anybody open my gates with other transmitters?
No, all transmitters are digitally coded for security.

Q – How do visitors get through the gates?
A – If your automatic gates are the only means of access to your property then you may wish to install an intercom system. See our range under ‘Intercoms and Access Control’. Frequent visitors could use a numeric keypad with an access code. It is also possible to connect a bell push type switch which can be located in either an open or concealed position for very simple operation.