Electric Gates - Above Ground gate automation kits

Kits for automatic swing electric gates mounted on the gate posts above ground. A range of electric gate kits for different automation applications. Click on the title for more details of each item. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

V2 Calypso Twin Electric Gate Mounted Arm Kit

  • KITCalypso400
V2 Calypso500 twin elecric gate kit

V2 Calypso Gate Automation Kit 3m

  • KITCalypso500

V2 Axil Twin Electric Automatic Gate Kit

Allmatic Twin Electric Gate Kit - Kineo 400

  • Kineo
Single V2 Calypso Gate Ram kit for one electric gate

Single Electric Gate Kit Calypso V2

  • KitCalypso400S

Allmatic XTILUS SINGLE Electric Gate Kit - 3.5m gates

  • Xtilus

Allmatic PLUSL SINGLE Electric Gate Kit - 4.5m gates

  • PlusL

Allmatic XTILUS twin Electric Gate Kit - 3.5m per gate

  • Xtilus

Kit Bingo 400 Electric Gate Ram Kit

  • BINGO400

Kit Bingo 500 Electric Gate Kit

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Blitz Articulated Arm Gate Automation Kit

Single Electric Gate Kit Bingo 400

Kit Blitz Articulated Arm for Single Gate

V2 Zariss Articulated Arm Electric Gates Kit