Remote Controls and Radio Receivers for Automated Gates and Doors

Plug in and wired radio receivers and remote controls for gate automation systems and automatic doors

Many of our automatic gate control panels use the plug in MR1 receiver and can also be operated with a wired receiver. With the wired receiver it is also possible to use our remote control transmitters with many electric gate control panels and garage door operators, roller shutters etc. regardless of manufacturer. Please enquire if you need information on suitability for your application.

Allmatic BRO1 Mini Receiver 433mhz

Allmatic TECH3 Plus Radio Transmitter

Allmatic Wireless Keypad RK3

Universal 433Mhz Radio Receiver for electric gates and doors

V2 MR1 Plug In Radio Receiver

  • MR1

V2 MR2 Plug In Radio Receiver

  • MR2

V2 MR2U Plug In Radio Receiver for Electric Gates

  • MR2U
  • 11B047

V2 Wally External Radio Receiver for Gates & Doors

  • WALLY1